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Game Piracy: Legendary Codex Cracker Group Puts an End to It


In the game piracy scene, the scene groups that take charge of cracking represent the basis of all activities. There is a back and forth, the groups are sometimes only alive or know each other for a short time. An exception is Codex, which was active for about eight years.

Codex was founded in 2014, which makes it a relatively young group. However, it is not necessarily important because of its age, but rather because, like TorrentFreak has “taken the world of PC hacking by storm.” Because Codex has cracked many top games and repeatedly circumvented Denuvo’s infamous copy protection.

Cracks in the codex were feared, but were always seen as some sort of distinction. Kingdom Come: Deliverance developer Warhorse Studios printed the NFO file of the decrypted version of the Codex, framed it, and hung it prominently in their mini-museum. In total, Codex has recorded around 7,000 cracked titles since its founding.
The NFO file of the cracked version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance uploaded to Warhorse Studios

stop at the top

But now it’s over: in the course of “The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories” crack release, Codex announced disbandment or retirement. However, it is emphasized that this is not the result of legal problems or internal disputes. Instead, it says its original goal has been achieved, but the latest Codex release notes also criticize the current state of the scene.

Codex was originally formed to compete with Reloaded, the dominant group at the time. But it fell apart a little later. Although the name continued to appear later, it had nothing to do with the original.

According to Codex, today it no longer has any serious competition and this domain also represents its original goal: “Now, years after we achieved our original goal, we think it’s time to move on.”

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