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Game Start! Former USD and current 49er QB Josh Johnson want to play video games with you – NBC 7 San Diego

Game Start! Former USD and current 49er QB Josh Johnson want to play video games with you – NBC 7 San Diego

Josh Johnson, a former University of San Diego quarterback and current San Francisco 49ers backup, is the 13th NFL season. Johnson co-founded the Ultimate Gaming League (UGL) because he loves playing video games like many when he’s not on the field.

Johnson is joined by some of the most well-known current and former NFL players, including former NFL All-Pro with Marshawn Lynch, current Raiders with Josh Jacobs, and Ravens with Marcus Peters. I am.

The premise of UGL is that these current and former players form a game franchise, and anyone who plays the game has the opportunity to participate in the franchise and play video games against professionals.

“It’s like we create the same type of environment as a real player,” Johnson said. “Because it’s game-centric, there are teams that play and compete for a particular game. It’s for competition, but it’s for fun, for engagement and content.”

Engagement is the key. What makes UGL unique is that fans can interact with professional athletes and get closer to them through video games. UGL also has a “Pros vs Joes” video game contest.

“We see an aspect of our engagement. We’re not in gladiator mode like in a focused field. That is, I don’t get it wrong because it’s fierce. But fans to play in the 49ers You can’t pick them up, you can’t, but if you meet a fan that Call of Duty or Madden is really good at, you might want to recruit him to join the stream and become your ringer. “

Johnson’s first game set was Atari. He has played almost every video game since then, what is his favorite?

“Madden. Madden can do quarterback work,” Johnson said with a smile.

The Ultimate Gaming League has four game franchises: Da Fam Gaming, Ochocinco Gaming, 4 Brothers Gaming and Glitxh Gaming. The gaming team and the professional athletes behind it can not only see the team, but also invite millions of fans to the team. When fans are chosen to participate, they have the opportunity to showcase their content on a larger stage and earn special rewards such as game time with their favorite athletes and celebrities.

Johnson’s team is Da Fam Gaming. For more information on how to participate, please visit:

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