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In „How to Say Goodbye“ finden sich Verstorbene in einer seltsamen Zwischenwelt wieder.

Game tip: “How to say goodbye” deals with the theme of mourning – free period

That’s what it’s all about: The focus of “How to Say Goodbye” is a recently deceased who finds himself in a strange in-between world. There he meets other spirits who are trying to find a way to the afterlife like him, or who actually quite like this strange place. Now it’s up to the player to help the souls who love him on his way.

The special one: In “How to Say Goodbye” the player does not control the individual characters, but rather the environment. By moving the squares on which the characters are located, you solve different puzzles. Of course, this mechanic also fits very well with the theme of the game, which is all about helping each other.

Conclusion: Sad, beautiful, and yet always funny: “How to Say Goodbye” packs a serious theme into an innovative little game. The puzzles are challenging but not too difficult, and the story of goodbyes and mourning fits the game perfectly. There are only a few places where you struggle with the controls a bit. Also, “How to Say Goodbye” is almost a bit short at three or four hours of playing time. Thanks to the beautiful story, the graphics inspired by the masters of children’s books like Tomi Ungerer, Tove Jansson, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Maurice Sendak, and the fantastic puzzles, that’s not a problem.