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Gamewarez Alpha in the test: nifty entry-level pouf for all (gaming) cases


I can still remember very clearly that as a kid, in the 90s, I had a beanbag that I could crawl into and dive into other worlds with the first Game Boy. Somehow, the Gamewarez Alpha bean bag brings back exactly that memory. The Classic version already convinced us in a previous test, but what about the affordable entry-level model? Now I grabbed my Nintendo Switch and my iPad and flopped down again.

Design and workmanship – rudimentary, ingenious and absolutely first-class

The Gamewarez Alpha bean bag looks a bit strange with a tip, but the tip has a strong function. It serves as a support for the back and is really more than comfortable due to the bulge at the bottom. The processing can only be described as absolute first class once again. The seams are firm and of high quality. The material is slightly water repellent, after all, something can go wrong if you keep your drink in the side pocket on the right side. The liquid can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

The size is 90 x 65 x 80 centimeters, which makes the bean bag a bit bulkier than a standard gaming chair, but the Alpha doesn’t want to be that either. You just get carried away, take out the cell phone or the iPad, maybe even the Switch, and start playing games freely and even for a longer period of time, because the quality is trimmed for longevity. You can see it clearly on the product! Thumbs up. Compared to the pouf in the Classic range from Gamewarez, it is only slightly smaller and lighter. In terms of design, the only thing missing is the reinforced decorative stitching and the headphone loop on the left side, which are included with the Classic pouf. Also, the side compartment is not optionally divided into three and is slightly smaller. However, as an advantage, in a direct comparison, it should be noted that the Alpha series now stores the EPS beads in an additional inner fabric, while in the Classic they were still visible directly behind the first zipper.

Thanks to the very robust construction and water-repellent polyester, you can also use the Alpha as an outdoor pouf. If the weather is nice and you want a comfortable and carefree way to sit in the garden, this can be done with the model without any problem. In addition, as I said, it is also easy to clean.

Photos: / Laser

Pleasantly good ergonomics even after a long session

As you’ve probably noticed, Gamewarez Alpha is a gaming beanbag. So it is quite low and the backrest is set back a bit. The ergonomics are great, but if possible, you shouldn’t have any back problems. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get out of the bean bag, as a test with an older person I consulted shows. After all, he didn’t want to leave anything to chance here.

Some key facts about Gamewarez Alpha at a glance

  • Dimensions: 90 x 65 x 80 centimeters
  • Material: Polyester, optionally also available in synthetic leather
  • Inner liner: Dimensionally stable EPS beads
  • Properties: Waterproof

However, since you are in the (youthful) juice to some extent, there should be no problems. The seating position is comfortable and the Gamewarez Alpha adapts to your physical conditions almost heavenly. Therefore, the posture remains comfortable even after a long period of time. Regardless, you should get up every now and then to relieve your back and pelvis, but the general rule of thumb is to take a little break from games anyway. So that’s not bad.

The bag seems to be ideal for my intended use, as I find playing from the sofa in the living room quite uncomfortable. This is because sitting in front of the television is very far away and as soon as I get closer to the television, your perspective changes. With the seat on, I can sit directly in front of the TV, in front of the table and with the bag I still have room for a drink. I like to take that with me!

Try Gamewarez Alpha im

The bag holds drinks, potato chip bags or more and is a nice and useful trick on the bean bag. Image: / Laser

Gamewarez Alpha conclusion: a strong entry-level pouf with an attractive design

Of course, it can be argued whether a beanbag can be a “game” beanbag or just what it is: a normal beanbag. But Gamewarez Alpha knows how to convince in decisive points that are simply important for a product of this type: comfort and quality. Great ruggedness and excellent workmanship make the entry-level model a durable companion for “dropping” fun in between and for longer.

On the other hand, the comfort is also noticeable. The seat is well dimensioned, the backrest is supported and a small pocket on the side also contains a drink (locked). Just grab a mobile gaming device of your choice, put it on, plug your ears, and release it. Of course, this also works stationary in front of the TV. The idea is great, the quality is high and anyone who likes beanbags will get a great product with Gamewarez Alpha. As long as you can really get used to the idea of ​​the beanbag. Sofas may not like this unusual piece of furniture and it is also not always suitable for streaming. But hey, why not try something out of the ordinary?

The entry-level model tested here in the variant Black costs directly from the manufacturer 64.90 euros or Swiss francsas well as other colors, but there are still shipping costs of 3.90 euros for shipping within Germany at the top. The versions made of synthetic leather are somewhat more expensive at 84.90 euros. You can also buy the Gamewarez Alpha Series bean bag in different colors on Amazon. The online giant Amazon has the Gamewarez Alpha from 69.99 euros or SFr. and around 100 euros or SFr. with artificial leather in the range.

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