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Gaming-Geek Henry Cavill hat Interest am Sci-Fi-Epos “Mass Effect”


He got it right with “The Witcher”. Now Henry Cavill has expressed interest in the film adaptation of the science fiction role-playing game “Mass Effect.”

In case you don’t remember: Yes, Henry Cavill once played Superman in Zack Snyder’s DC universe. Most of his fans now know and love him for his unbelievably good portrayal of the warlock Geralt von Rivia. And you can be happy, because season 2 of “The Witcher” will start soon on Netflix.

But the 38-year-old is already thinking beyond that. Because his current popularity should be used well to expand his spectrum and play as many different roles as possible, which shows his versatility. For actors, at least for the most part, there is nothing worse than being committed to just one role. And so Cavill can soon be seen as a super agent in “Argylle”, as Sherlock Holmes in “Enola Homes 2” and as Highlander in the movie of the same name.

You can get the first three “Mass Effect” video games in the Legendary Edition with 40 DLC for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Amazon.

But that’s not enough: Cavill is in the mood for another series, one that’s based on the sci-fi genre. He still hasn’t been able to vent in this genre, so it would definitely be a first for him. And as with “The Witcher”, Henry Cavill already knows the original material, because the planned project is about “Mass effect” – a series of action role-playing games from developer BioWare and Electronic Arts. So far, four main games and two mobile offshoots have been released. And the declared player is a fan of him.

What Term reported, Amazon is about to give the green light for a serial adaptation of “Mass Effect.” opposite to Gamesradar Cavill expressed an interest in being a part of this epic journey:

“Quite a lot, yes, it depends on how you want to implement it. The world of adaptation can be easy or difficult. If I like a product, I prefer an adaptation that hardly deviates from the original material. So it depends.”

Although he was unable to perform the fourth part, “Mass Effect: Andromeda” due to all his obligations, he loved the “Mass Effect” trilogy before that. These are “brilliant games” and “would make such an extraordinary movie series or series,” Cavill is sure.

In fact, apparently Cavill is already in contact with those responsible, having just posted a photo of him on Instagram in February of this year, in which he probably shows him reading a summary. More detailed investigations by Gamepressure He then revealed that words like Cerberus, Geth, as well as Reaper and Tali’Zorah could be read on the paper; all terms of the “Mass Effect” games:

If the project really starts and Cavill takes a role in it, he will most likely become Commander Shepard. If the project really starts and Cavill takes a role in it, he will most likely become Commander Shepard. But Cavill will only say yes with certainty if he is convinced it will succeed. The days of underground video game movies are long gone. This is also demonstrated by the 12 iconic representatives of our video.

Developer comments on the sci-fi project “Mass Effect” as a series

David Gaider, who served as the lead writer at BioWare until 2016, recently spoke on Twitter and shared his thoughts on the planned television adaptation. Gaider did not participate directly in the “Mass Effect” games, but he did participate in the no less popular series of role-playing games “Dragon Age”:

“It reassures me that the Mass Effect / Amazon deal is on a potential TV series, not a movie. In contrast to many fans who seem to be … excited, this possibility (as with ‘Dragon Age’) makes me cringe some. “

Gaider explains, for example, that in both video game series you can choose a genre for the main character at the beginning. In the case of the passive television adaptation, however, this decision rests with the creators, so he feared that some would be disappointed from the start.

But who knows, makers may work with Henry Cavill to create the next hit series for Amazon.

The most important thing in science fiction movies and series are spaceships. Do you only recognize the respective movies based on them? Put yourself to the test:

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