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Gaming mourns Kurt Bachinger

Gaming mourns Kurt Bachinger

Former consumer branch manager in Langau and Kienberg Kurt Bachinger did a lot of work in his private life for the community, especially in the Gaming community, for ‘God’s salary’.

He was an avid athlete. As a teenager he wanted to become a cyclist, but was denied that. As head of the consumer branch at Kienberg, he deservedly retired in 1991. The emphasis is on ‘changed’, because now he could continue his ‘private malaise’ without interruption.

At an early age he even climbed Kilimanjaro. He knew all the mountain hikes in the area to Styria, Upper Austria, and beyond.

As Gaming Township Councilor, he was recently responsible for environmental protection and thus combined his other activities. Because when he collected donations as a mountain savior in the Lackenhof ski area, you could learn as much from him about environmental sensitivities as about the hiking trails in the Ötscher area in summer, the most beautiful ski tours in the Ötscher or a lot beyond. , and is always well informed on security matters. Advice was at hand.

Kurt Bachinger knew the community and its residents between Kienberg and Zellerrain like the back of his hand and even in the guest house he still used a lot of time for contacts of all kinds, or as a useful connoisseur of all the possibly contaminated places in the 244 km². great community, where the Austrian Alpine Protection Association was able to lend a hand. Kurt Bachinger was active and brought the decision makers together, especially in regards to the environment and tourism.

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Lately it has become increasingly difficult for Gaming Township Gold Badge of Honor holder Kurt Bachinger and his wife to keep in touch as they had to accept more and more health restrictions and a home stay became necessary. in Purgstall. .