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Gaming: swim shorts instead of a suit to change career Thomas Willenpart

Gaming: swim shorts instead of a suit to change career Thomas Willenpart

Thomas Willenpart is the new man in the bathroom. “Well, he’s not new, because I’ve been on duty since October,” says Grestner, who replaced Walter Stanglauer in the fall.

The 52-year-old could not have imagined some time ago that he would one day work as a lifeguard. The trained chef/waiter worked as a regional manager at Rewe for 25 years. “And then it happened that way,” and the tech-savvy father of two dared to start over. Since then, he has been responsible for the hygiene and safety of the indoor pool and spends his day to day measuring and controlling the water, as well as supervising the pool. “I had to learn a lot and only recently completed my training as a pool technician,” says the career changer. In the next few days, his workload will be significantly heavier, as it is time to end the winter season in the indoor pool. It is still open until March 31, after three weeks for school operations. “Then we remove the litter,” he says jokingly. The pool takes about a day and a half to empty, after which cleaning is still on the agenda. The pool will then remain closed until September 30.

Meanwhile, preparations are already underway at Willenpart’s new workplace, Ötscherlandbad. Everything has to be in tip-top condition by the time the outdoor pool opens on May 13. An exciting moment for Willenpart, who, however, receives full support from the well-rehearsed team and also from his predecessor: “Walter is always available to me as a prankster on the phone.”

And so, the anticipation of a summer in the outdoor pool also increases noticeably for him. “The mix suits me. Also, I am already looking forward to personally greeting and meeting many guests in the bathroom.” Women’s swim board shorts are designed for swimming and all around wear for women .It contains four type of stretch fabric and available in multiple sizes. By the way: The sale of tickets for the summer season has already begun.