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Garande: “The players really deserve to play in Ligue 1 next season”

Here is the reaction of Patrice garande after TFC’s success against Nancy (4-1): “I was satisfied with the first half. The great merit they had is not letting go and re-mobilizing. It really had to be, because this Nancy team wasn’t easy to handle. I really liked the way they came back in the second half, as Nancy had drawn just before half-time. In the way of approaching this game they were remarkable and it is also important that the goal difference scores when possible.
We had observed a lot of Nancy, who evolves in the same tactical apparatus that we usually do. But he didn’t want an opposition between the same two systems, where the only chances to score come from individual feats. There our idea was to lock their pistons with Janis and Amine at the sides. But the folks at Nancy have found the answer to that, with their own pistons that have risen very high. In the second half, therefore, we told ourselves that we needed more depth.
The important thing is to make our pairings. When we have our ambitions, when we see the quality of this team, we cannot lose a half like in Niort. We still have seven days left, but we will go to the end, we will be there until the end. What they have done is already exceptional, it is already a successful season, but there has to be something at the end. It would be a shame not to go there (in L1, Editor’s Note) for lack of investment. It’s part of my job to say nasty things to them sometimes, but I hope they are rewarded because they really deserve to play in Ligue 1 next season.

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