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Gaucho & Umut of RBLZ Gaming at the FIFA Finals

Gaucho & Umut of RBLZ Gaming at the FIFA Finals

RBLZ Gaming with the VBL championship trophy at the Festival Grounds in Leipzig

© RBLZ Games

“You shouldn’t keep this title,” says console tech RBLZ Games Sure. In the best of cases, another ball to win the individual championship in the Virtual Bundesliga as well as the virtual queen class mango pot. We look at the final double header:

eChampions League (May 27)

  • Mode: double elimination

  • Participant: 8

  • RBLZ Players: Umut “RBLZ_Umut” Gültekin

  • Prize pool: 262,300 euros approx.

Call it a sweep! With a dominant victory (three games, 17:6 goals) in the previous round of the top 32, “RBLZ_Umut” made his first title claim. “In this condition, he can beat any of the other seven entrants,” says Daniel Fehr, who will travel to Stockholm with his protégé on Wednesday.

Many in the FIFA community talk about a German festival in the Space Arena. Rivals like Ali “PredatorFIFA” Oskoui Rad (SV Werder Bremen), Daniel “Denii10” Mutic (1. FC Heidenheim) and Laurin-Noah “SNakez” Bartsch (VfL Bochum) know “RBLZ_Umut” from numerous Virtual Bundesliga matches and other national tournaments.

For starters, the two-time eFootballer of the Year meets the Argentinian FIFA Pro in the Winner Bracket Nicholas “Nicolas99FC” Villalba. The game is played in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode, where all players join a team from UCL promo cards as christopher nkunku (88 OVR), as well as icons can be assembled.

RBLZ coach Daniel Fehr discusses a FIFA match with Umut Gültekin.

© RBLZ Games

The triple term is not very common in eSports, but perhaps we are the ones who give it shape.

RBLZ trainer Daniel “Fehrminator” Fehr.

VBL Grand Final (June 4/5)

  • Mode: Swiss System + Simple Elimination

  • Participant: 32

  • RBLZ Players: Umut “RBLZ_Umut” Gültekin, Richard “RBLZ_Gaucho10” Hormes

  • Prize pool: €100,000

Some 1,400 kilometers from Stockholm, the RBLZ will continue their quest for the title. Venue: The XPOST in Cologne! Will “RBLZ_Umut” and his teammate Richard “RBLZ_Gaucho10” Hormes hand out some FIFA packs in the final two-day event at the old postal distribution center? “As the defending champion, you have more and more pressure, but Umut is a player who often performs even better in such situations,” says Daniel Fehr of the starting position.

After two quarter-finals (2019, 2020) and the last 16 of the VBL Grand Final last year, the 30-year-old trusts his captain “RBLZ_Gaucho10”, who competes on Xbox, to take a step forward . A training camp serves as the best possible preparation, similar to the one before the German club championship final in March: “We’ll get some reinforcements Corvin ‘dissuadeFIFA’ Determine on board, who has been a good friend of Gaucho’s for years. Training camp will focus on finding the best possible FUT squad and formations for different situations.”

Split between the two consoles, 16 players compete against each other in the VBL Grand Final. After five rounds of Swiss, the top eight players on each platform will qualify for the knockout stage. A clash between the two RBLZ players would only be possible in the cross-console final. “As strong as the field of entrants is, a lot has to fit together for both guys to make it to the final,” says the RBLZ coach, who sees the toughest competitors in Mustafa “fcsp_musti” Cankal and the finalist of the Last year Dylan “DullenMIKE” Neuhausen. .

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