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Genshin Impact will bring summer skin, how does it look?


Although v1.6 of Genshin Impact launching next month, leaks about upcoming content have started to circulate. One of which is summer skin which is reportedly going to be released in the near future on Genshin Impact.

So what does this skin look like? Let’s watch the next article until it’s done so you don’t miss out on important information.

Summer Skin di Genshin Impact

Refers to information existing, miHoYo is reported to be developing summer skin for the game done. Currently, there are two characters whose appearance has been revealed. The two characters are Jean and Barbara, brothers from Mondstadt.

Barbara Skin | Celestia Project

Especially for Barbara, skin yours can be obtained for free through an event. Unfortunately, there is no information on what type of event myHoYo prepare. Even so, Barbara’s appearance in shades of white and blue is quite impressive and beautiful.

Jean skin
Jean Skin | Celestia Project

Meanwhile, skin supposedly owned by Jean can be obtained through until or buying it with Crystal. At this time, there is no detailed information on skin belonging to Cowboy. The reason is that miHoYo is still developing functions. skin say Genshin Impact.

Will the global and Chinese versions be different?

Genshin Impact 1.5 Preview Download
Zhongli | Doc: Istimewa

What’s more, summer skin for Genshin Impact it will be different for each region. That means the global and Chinese versions have summer skin each. Especially for China, skin that there is more closed. This is to circumvent the Chinese government’s rule that prohibits all kinds of open clothing.

Meanwhile, the global version will get skin which is more open and beautiful, of course. Even so, this is still just a rumor and the truth is not certain. However, Honkai Impact 3rd had applied the same rules before.

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