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Geoff Keighley promises great gameplay

Geoff Keighley promises great gameplay

I know I know Many of you find it hard to put up with the PR babble at various gaming events, or the way host Geoff Keighley kisses the butts of his developer friends (especially when Hideo Kojima is around). And the often generic CGI trailers that reveal little about the game also scream a waste of time.

But maybe that’s exactly why I’m sitting where I’m sitting (in my home office) and doing what I’ve been doing with great pleasure for many years (you know: editing stuff for the PC and video game area), because I feel that childish, anticipatory tingle every year as we approach June. Finally new announcements! New trailers! New gameplay! New information! In a comparatively short period of time! Cold!

Brief time travel: so it was with these fairs – good old days:

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The summer event in 2022 – the dates in June

Although we have to again do without E3 this year, but we still have a jam-packed schedule of events to look forward to in the coming weeks. Here is an overview of the most important dates in June: