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Geo’s new service consists of recharging the phone automatically. – jio users now set auto recharge via upi auto debit

The National Payments Corporation of India (NBCI) and Geo have announced in a joint statement that their fee plans will now be paid automatically with the help of UPI. In fact, NPCI has partnered with Geo, after which this service will now be offered to users. Users can now easily activate the automatic payment service and take advantage of this feature.

The UPI AUTOPAY service will allow Geo customers to configure standard algorithms in the MyJio app using UPI AUTOPAY for a hassle-free recharge experience. With this service we can tell you that Geo becomes the first telecommunications company to offer this service. With this service, users can now recharge the plan once it is completed and they will not know it.

For top-ups above Rs 5,000, users do not need to enter a UPI PIN. This information is stated in the press release issued by the company. It is also said that users can easily switch payment plan electronic orders to UPI AUTOPAY.

Speaking on the occasion, NPCI Kunal Kalavatiya, Head of Products, said: “We hope that our partnership will transform the experience of upgrading Geo customers’ mobile payment plans. With UPI AUTOPAY, we’re offering an extra layer for everyone at NPCI as our ongoing effort. Convenience and convenience to customers for their expenses and ongoing payments.

Now the users of the company do not have to worry because now their phone will recharge automatically and they will not have to remember the recharge date. This must have happened to you several times when you forgot your recharge date and your in and out service stopped, so it may be difficult for you if you are busy with emergency work. The new service will now eliminate this problem and users will be able to set their phone to recharge automatically without having to remember the date.