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Germany: wants 7 years of smartphone updates everywhere

The German federal government is pressuring the European Union to require seven years of safety updates and spare parts for various components.

Unfortunately, such a proposal is met with a strong reaction from manufacturers and especially from the Digital Europe group, with Apple, Google and Samsung being some of its members and promoting only three years of updates and the limitation of spare parts in screens and batteries, instead. of cameras, speakers and other components that are more reliable.

Although Apple typically offers five years of updates and security updates, many Android makers stop at three. Samsung just recently announced that it will offer four years of updates.

These proposals aim to protect the environment, allowing people to keep their smartphones for a longer period of time. At the same time, this improves Android security. Approximately 40% of Android users run Android 9 Pie according to Statcounter data for August 2021. A large proportion of mobile users have devices that do not receive updates or will soon lose updates.

Samsung once thought Android was fun!