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Germany’s King of Gaming “MontanaBlack” Retires – BZ Berlin


Marcel Eris, also known as “MontanaBlack” (33), is Germany’s streaming king. More than four million people follow the gaming star on the live streaming platform Twitch, nearly three million on YouTube and 3.1 million on Instagram.

The streaming star from Buxtehude has now announced her temporary retirement: for the time being, she will no longer be broadcasting and will generally no longer appear in public, as Eris announced on Twitter on Saturday night.

He had “reached probably the lowest point” in his life, “physically and mentally”. “Some things happened off the Internet.” She at the moment she does not know when or how she will return.

‘Monte’, as his fans call him, has already drawn attention in the last week due to his inactivity. Most recently, it began broadcasting on February 13, an unusually long break.

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Podcast partner Simon Unge (31, over 3 million YouTube subscribers) confirmed on Twitter that there will be no new episodes of the joint show “Chatwhistle” at the moment. “All the best from Monte, so no podcast until he gets better,” says Unge.

“MontanaBlack” has faced a lot of criticism lately. Among other things, it concerned his NFT advertising. A few weeks ago he promoted an NFT that featured a monkey with a swastika. And a few days ago I was promoting a token that may be part of a scam.

In September 2021, Eris made headlines after her house was broken into. At that time, apparently, the author entered the streamer’s house through a window, stole video games and consoles worth 100,000 euros.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a type of digital proof of authenticity and ownership. For example, a video clip is recorded on a blockchain. For this, the owners are registered as well as the purchases and sales. This gives the NFT a unique digital signature, even if the underlying work can be reproduced millions of times. However, the NFT is unique and can be traded through certification.

The NFT blockchain is freely accessible. This allows official owners of digital artworks to freely and publicly brag about their ownership.

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