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Getting Old: Tiny Wings was released 10 years ago

Getting Old: Tiny Wings was released 10 years ago

Tiny wings (€ 2.29) was launched in its first version on February 18, 2011 on the App Store. Yes, it has been ten years to this day! 😳

Picture Posted by the creator of Tiny Wings for ten years of the game.

If you are too young to have known this era, you should know that this little game was one of the great phenomena of the App Store. Its gameplay is as simple as it is devilishly effective: you control a bird sliding down the hills. A tap on the screen forces the bird to dive, allowing it to gain speed, as long as it is not uphill and lands on a downward slope! Scott Forstall himself had mentioned it at WWDC 2011 and it had been downloaded over 12 million times, an impressive score in those days.

After liberation, comparison Tiny Wings à Angry Birds due to success, but these are two other games that pumped everything he took up the concept and popularized it. Ski Safari first, launched in 2012, which took up the same idea of ​​sliding downhill by injecting arcade elements. And especially Alto’s Adventure published in 2015 which propelled the same idea to the heights of popularity.

Tiny Wings has undergone some significant changes over the years, and even though the last update was in 2017, the game is still perfectly functional and as fun as ever. If you bought it for $ 0.79 when it launched, you can download it and enjoy an old game, without the shadow of an ad or in-app purchase. The application is currently sold for € 2.29, if you want to know the trends of the iPhones of 2011 …

Tiny Wings is still going strong ten years later.