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Ghost Of Tsushima Sly Cooper And InFamous Easter Eggs Guide


You can find a whole bunch of cool equipment to wear in Ghost of Tsushima, from the armor of a samurai warrior to the special, sneaky outfit of the Ghost. You’ll also find a bunch of Vanity Gear items to customize Jin’s look, like special headbands, masks, and sword kits. Among the special items you can find are several that are also Easter eggs, referencing developer Sucker Punch’s other games: the Sly Cooper series and the InFamous series.

Here’s where you can find all the Sucker Punch Easter eggs to dress Jin up with, including one set that unlocks a hidden Trophy that might be the game’s toughest.

We’ve got a whole lot more coverage to help you fight off the Mongols. Check out our Ghost of Tsushima guide roundup for our full walkthrough, collectibles guides, hot springs locations, side missions rundown, combat tips, and more.

Band Of The Second Son

The first Vanity Gear item that functions as an Easter egg is the Band of the Second Son. This maroon headband is a callback to InFamous: Second Son protagonist Deslin, who wears a maroon wool cap.

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Where To Find It: Climb the pagoda at Omi Monastery to find the headband hanging from an arrow. You’ll need to hit Act 2 to access this section of Tsushima.

Crooked Kama Headband

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The next Vanity Gear item is the Crooked Kama headband, which calls to mind Sly Cooper’s iconic hook-shaped kama. The blue and white headband isn’t a piece of Sly Cooper’s costume, but it is a reference to the franchise.

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Where To Find It: Climb on top of the pagoda at Jogaku Temple, which you won’t access until Act 3. It’s the tall building nearest to Lake Jogaku, and like the Band of the Second Son, you’ll find this headband hanging there on an arrow.

Sly Tanuki Sword Kit

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Even more clearly an Easter egg referencing Sly Cooper is the Sly Tanuki Sword Kit. Not only is it very much a reference to Sly, a raccoon who’s very similar-looking to a tanuki, in name, it also gives you a bit of a Cooper cosplay look. The sword kit gives you a scabbard that looks just like a raccoon tail.

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Where To Find It: In Act 3, head to the east coast of Kin and look for a peninsula that juts out over the water, where a Pillar of Honor waits. You’ll have to climb over some rocks and cliffs to reach the spot.

Unlock The Cooper Clan Cosplay Trophy

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There’s also an Easter egg Trophy related to Sly Cooper–the Cooper Clan Cosplay hidden Trophy. To unlock it, you’ll have to wear three specific cosmetic items found in Ghost of Tsushima, all of which take a bit of work to find. You can get more info about how to unlock the Trophy with our Cooper Clan Cosplay hidden Trophy guide for specifics. Here’s what you’ll need to equip:

  • Crooked Kama headband
  • Sly Tanuki Sword Kit
  • Gosaku’s Armor (with Ocean’s Guardian armor dye)

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