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Giacomo Urtis "download" Valeria Marini?  / "For her everything is a tragedy"

Giacomo Urtis “down load” Valeria Marini? / “For her every thing is a tragedy”

The thrills and twists of the Major Brother Vip they are often a continual, thanks also to the new entries that add taste to the dynamics that currently exist during each time. In fact, in current weeks a new competitor has crossed the threshold of the pink door, Giacomo Urtis, however, joined to Valeria Marini ensuing collectively as a single character. The VIP surgeon was straight away put in inside of the dwelling, almost connecting with every ingredient of the home.

Nevertheless, contrary to his touring companion, he did not stand out as expected. In addition to several fun curtains thanks to its whimsical character, it has nevertheless to emerge with a amazing dynamic. Even during the twenty-ninth episode of the method, aired on Monday, December 20, he was not among the stars of the night. The only interventions of the boy or girl ended up only small ironic jokes at the instigation of the director, as in the case of physical appreciations in direction of the newcomer. Alessandro Basciano. In addition, with the complicity of Valeria, he was the protagonist of a decidedly humorous instant Gathered in the confessional, they were invited by Alfonso Signorini to look at a video clip about all the confrontations among the pair, together with amusing jokes and moments of stress.

Giacomo Urtis and Valeria Marini saved by Lulù Selassiè

Through the last episode of Big Brother VIP 2021, Giacomo Urtis, with each other with Marini, he was equipped to know the verdict of the televoting that put them amid the 7 nominated competitors. The good news is for them, they were being not the least voted of the group and Lulu, the favored of the general public, saved them by condemning them to immediate televoting. Biagio D’Anelli. Even with the hazard escaped during the night, even for the next episode they will have to wait around for the end result of the general public demo, owning when all over again been amongst the most voted in the home.

In the hours next the reside broadcast, he did not take part in notable times, other than for some firsts about his sentimental past. In simple fact, speaking to Sophie Codegoni, she stated that she had a relationship with a specially very well-identified artist, even so, devoid of stating the title of the thriller gentleman. For now, the trial on his possess stays well balanced, waiting for a bigger involvement of the boy through the are living demonstrates of the system and in the most relevant dynamics that commonly animate the dwelling.

Is Giacomo Urtis drained of Valeria Marini?

Giacomo Urtis hopes to get over the obstacle of the televoting from Biagio D’Anelli and Miriana Trevisan so staying in the home of Major Brother Vip 2021. In addition, the desire of the plastic surgeon is to be capable to get a solitary path, different from Valeria Marini, from which he commences to put up with some attitudes.

“For Valeria now almost everything is a tragedy“Stated Giacomo speaking with Lulù and Carmen Russo. Amongst the two, in addition, there was no deficiency of conversations that the other opponents in the property also appreciated. Following all, Grease’s ballet is also getting a take a look at of endurance for Urtis.

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