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Gioconews Poker: The problem of the absence of a dealer in live poker, a problem that needs to be addressed and resolved


The dealers and live poker player shortage problem is a real problem of the past that the pandemic has exacerbated.

Complaints come out loud World series of poker due to the absence of distributors, both quantitatively and qualitatively. But, from where Las Vegas the problem has arisen in an even more gigantic way due to the tenor of the event and the size of the tournaments and fields, as well as the presence of all the best players in the world (actually, in an almost total stars and stripes way) who are very demanding and have a lot of experience in all the games, especially in the variants where the competence of the employees must be very high.

Let’s make a mandatory and necessary premise: This reflection is not and never will be an attack on dealerships, wonderful people, many also friends and great workers who have our respect and our esteem.

The reasons for this numerical crisis and the involution of the profession simply lie in the pandemic. Oh, it’s just a great word. The topic is hot and complex. But, in fact, the absence of workers in the live poker mtt e cash game, it is due exclusively to Covid-19. The prolonged lockdown has effectively cut the links between casinos, live events organizations and online venues. In reality, there is no real body that brings together all the workers, including the merchants, floor workers, and other figures in the room. And therefore, as soon as the live poker stop started, no one was able to safeguard the workers (especially those in many clubs) and apply social safety nets to protect those who at that time were only doing work and not they had no contract to be honored. the categories assisted by the state. Some big rooms, casinos or organizations have done it. But we know of many workers who in those months and in the following months had to cope, wait and even change jobs. So when the casinos, rooms and live poker circuits reopened, many suffered: they were short of staff. And even now something is missing. In the World Series the problems are obviously magnified but they represent the mirror of reality. And the train will continue for a few more months, hopefully not for years. The pandemic appears to be taking the decline in its existence but it will have to live with rules and restrictions for a while longer. And it seems reasonable to us: it is better to consider yourself safe only when the head is definitely out of the quicksand or it will push us down hard and then back up would be even more difficult if not prohibitive.

The problem is also another: Now it is difficult to think about the stabilization of this profession. In the hope that no more such closures will occur, the dealer’s job (maybe less than that of the floor manager or the chipman, for example) runs the risk of always remaining a bit precarious. At least in Europe. In Las Vegas and in the USA we have seen distributors even after our age, a sign that the profession exists and is also of great value as well as great responsibility (a mistake could affect dishes of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars). But it will be difficult to see a dealer registry, an ad hoc union, social safety nets, etc. Someone was thinking about it at the beginning of the pandemic, but it is not easy. And if the profession continues like this in Europe, it will always and only be a “seasonal” job that, on the other hand, deserves more and more dignity and respect. Shuffle and deal!

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