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Gismart Signs Multi-Platform, Multi-Game Partnership With Snapchat


Crazy Run is the new Snap Game available worldwide on the platform

Gismart me Snap Inc. today announced the launch of a cross-platform and multi-game collaboration to globally launch Crazy Run, the second Gismart title available on Snapchat, and integrate Bitmoji into Gismart games, starting with Perfect Expert 3D. Thanks to the agreement, Gismart brings all its experience in creating fun, accessible and highly engaging games to Snapchat, while Snap further expands its technology, enriching Gismart’s native titles (for iOS and Android) with social and interactive tools. of the platform through the Bitmoji Function for games.

Crazy race the latest news created by Gismart for Snap Games, is a real-time competitive multiplayer game that allows players, under the guise of Bitmoji, to compete in an attempt to reach the ultimate goal. Since its launch in February 2021, Gismart has doubled its retention rate by adding a special friend search feature, which allows users to identify and challenge their friends on Snapchat before other users on the platform. The game has already reached 7 million players today.

Among the early adopters of the Bitmoji for Games feature, Gismart presents Bitmoji within one of its hyper-casual games: Perfect Expert 3D. With Bitmoji for Gaming, game developers can personalize the gaming experience by bringing Bitmoji avatars to mobile devices, PCs, and consoles. During testing, this integration increased performance on day 1 by 20% and increased daily active user (DAU) ad impressions by 60%. Perfect Expert 3D is a home construction simulation game that provides players with a comprehensive set of tools to help solve common home maintenance problems and manage household chores. The game logged 314 million game sessions and reports an average of 3 million game sessions per day.

This multi-game partnership confirms Gismart’s commitment to developing games for Snapchat and introducing Bitmoji for Games into its mobile gaming applications. With the launch of its first Snapchat game, Color Galaxy, in the summer of 2019, Gismart is one of the first companies to partner with Snap. After being released globally in January 2020, the title has gained 41 million unique players, who have spent more than 15.5 billion hours playing. Currently, the total number of gaming sessions exceeds 132 million, with a peak of daily gaming sessions of 721,000 users per day.

“With more than 45 million Snapchat users who have played Color Galaxy since its launch, the title is a real hit on our platform,” he said. Pedro Rodrigues, Director of EMEA Gaming Associations di Snap Inc. “We are delighted to expand our partnership with Gismart to bring more games to our growing community of 265 million daily users, and to support customization of the gaming experience in Gismart titles for iOS and Android with our Bitmoji avatars.”

“From collaborating on a single project, our relationship with Snap quickly expanded to a multi-game partnership. We are delighted to present Crazy Run and hope the audience enjoys it as much as Color Galaxy, ”he said. Lana meisak, VP, BD and Marketing di Gismart. “We are excited to be able to explore new collaboration opportunities with Snap now that we are one of its closest partners, such as the integration of Snap Kit and Bitmoji for Games technologies. In fact, we are currently evaluating new possibilities to use Bitmoji for games with third-party brands. “

Snap Games is a real-time multiplayer gaming platform designed for high-fidelity and synchronous gaming experience between friends. Snapchat users can play Snap Games with each other directly through chat, in which millions of conversations take place every day, without having to install any special applications. With an average of 265 million active users using Snapchat every day, Snap Games represents a great opportunity for mobile game developers.

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