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GMail – Find emails even faster – new filter bar now shows in labels and folders too


One of the great strengths of gmail is the search function with which, thanks to numerous filters, the desired news can be found very quickly. Recently, these filters have become much more visible and accessible than before, thanks to new filter chips and dropdowns. Now this bar is also shown when using labels and the standard folders.

optimize gmail

All of Gmail’s filters can be accessed through the search field, and for a long time, they were primarily accessible through the advanced search filters. Thanks to a relatively new filter bar, the most important entries were placed directly above the message list, further speeding access. However, this bar is only displayed if a search function has already been started. This is understandable, but it makes it a bit more difficult.

gmail filters

There is now a small update that shows these filters even when you are in a tag or one of the standard folders. This was long overdue because displaying mails in labels and folders are just active filters. This update applies to both the desktop and smartphone apps and may have been seen by many users for a few days.

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