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More than 4 years ago Google announced Android Go, a lighter version of the robot’s operating system exclusively for mobile devices (low-end) that did not conform to current applications, which require more advanced processors. Some time later, apps like Maps Go, Assistant Go, Files Go, etc. began to appear, all focused on these devices. In this opportunity we will explain the differences that exist between from the original version, so take note,

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It is important to clarify that if you have an advanced mobile it does not prevent you from installing Go applications, even if you have a mid-range or low-end equipment with Android Go You have the possibility to install the heaviest applications, that is to say the original ones, however, this could harm the performance of your device.

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Gmail Go It was launched in 2018 and it only took up 9 MB of storage on the mobile, but over time the app has become much heavier. Although now it is not as light as in its beginnings, it can be said that it is twice less heavy than the standard version, that is where we find the first difference. To install the version of original you need 221 MB, as for the Go version you need 108 MB.

Currently it is difficult to find differences between the two since in terms of designs they are practically the same. They are identical both in the message list, the side panel, the account selector, when you want to compose an email and many more. Of course, the original version has some animations that Go does not have.


To detect differences we have to go to the ‘Settings’ section. The first thing that can be seen is that in the ‘Notification settings’ of Gmail Go there is no ‘Notification sounds’ option. Also, there are no ‘Chat’, ‘Rooms’ or ‘Meeting’ tabs.


  • The section ‘Smart functions and customization’.
  • ‘Smart functions and customization in other products’.

Everything else is the same Gmail Go It went from being a very light version of the original to being basically Gmail without the options we mentioned above. Which one suits you? Everything will depend on your mobile device, if you have purchased a device with Android Go operating system, then the Go applications are for you.

Do you have problems with Gmail? If the platform works slow or does not load correctly, click and follow all the steps to solve the problem. In case these solutions have not worked, consult the to see if there are any known issues with Gmail.

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