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GOG warns Cyberpunk 2077 buyers to major resellers

GOG warns Cyberpunk 2077 buyers to major resellers

Quite a lot of people are trying to get a big neon RPG for CD Projekt Red Cyberpunk 2077.. Unlike GPUs and consoles, digital cyberpunk downloads are endless, so you don’t have to make transactions in the back alleys of Night City to play. Pay attention to who you buy from and warn GOG, a digital game retailer owned by the same parent company as the game developer. Some fans are already disappointed with fake product keys purchased from third-party retailers.

GOG has Warning player About the risks associated with purchasing from major resale sites.

If you decide to buy Cyberpunk 2077 or other game keys through a third-party reseller, be aware that you risk buying with a stolen card (that is, the game will be sooner or later). (It may disappear from your account sooner or later) (if the cardholder notices this and issues a chargeback), or if the code you are purchasing is simply fake.

As an example, the code “9JM6616D211B9FEA” is said to be 18 or 20 characters long and therefore not a valid GOG store code. There are 16 fake, which saves counts. That was just one example, but-oh,-multiple people On twitter And With Reddit Responded It means that you received the exact same code when you purchased through a major reseller.

As always, the safest route is to buy directly from the game retailer, not the site that sells the code for use in another launcher. Not surprisingly, the parent company CD Projekt would probably prefer if they chose to buy Cyberpunk 2077 from their own company. GOG store..If for some reason it’s not your jam, you can also find it On Steam And that Epic games store For £ 50 / € 60 / $ 60. Also available on Stadia, Xbox or PlayStation.

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In July, CDPR warned players about the following: Beta key scam It claims to allow access to the game. People certainly want to set foot very badly on the streets of Night City.

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