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goodbye to Microsoft's "classic" style

goodbye to Microsoft’s “classic” style

Microsoft has announced the arrival of the build 21343 to the program Insider preview of your operating system. The importance of this update is that brings eye-catching new features to the Windows 10 interface, with new icons that leave Microsoft’s “classic” style behind.

The clearest example of the renewal in the Windows 10 interface are the new File Explorer icons. Currently we see several folders with only slight variations depending on their content, but with the update these folders receive another orientation and much more noticeable differences in shape and color.

Microsoft Update Windows 10 New Icons File Explorer Folder

As Microsoft explains, these changes have been to achieve “greater consistency between products displaying files”. In theory, with this change in appearance, important folders such as Desktop, Documents and Download they should be distinguished faster and easier by users.

On the other hand, the recycle bin has also received an update, although rather minor. It maintains the shape of a garbage can with the recycling symbol in blue, but now with a front view, instead of from the side as before. The same situation occurs on the hard drive icon.

Windows 10 Update New Icons Recycle Bin My Pc

These changes in Windows 10 are part of the renovation that includes not only icons but also the Start Menu. In this way, Microsoft confirms that these new icons are just the first and many more will be updated over time, to be in harmony with the new interface.

The new icons of the File Explorer and its folders, as well as the “new” recycle bin will arrive later along with the final update of Windows 10, at the moment only available to users of the program Insider preview.