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Google abandons the free plan of G Suite, users will have to pay

Google abandons the free plan of G Suite, users will have to pay

Users of the free plan of G Suite will soon have to put their hands in their pockets. This subscription to the ancestor of Google Workspace allowed free access to certain Google applications, but also to use them with a custom domain name (other than A useful feature for businesses and individuals who want to go through Google apps and get a more professional look. This free formula was abandoned in 2012, but the Mountain View company had until now continued to provide the service for free. Legacy customers will now need to migrate to a paid Google Workspace subscription to continue accessing their apps.

Mail received by users of the free G Suite plan. Image: 9To5Google.

9to5Google tells us that subscribers to this free plan have received an email urging them to pay. They have until May 1 to migrate to a paid subscription. And there is no possible alternative: Google explain that if the user chooses to wait, the company “ will automatically transition subscriptions Clearly, you’ll select a Google Workspace offering for him based on the features he uses.

This change is likely to cause headaches for old customers, and especially for individuals. Now they will have to pay for something that they had for free for several years. There is no option to migrate to a free plan available. Switching to a classic account is doable, but you’ll have to start from scratch and forego your digital purchases (movies, apps).

If you have not provided payment information by May 1, your subscription will be suspended. After 60 days of suspension, access to some core Google Workspace services (Gmail, Calendar, Meet) will be revoked. Cheapest Google Workspace plan offered for €4.68 per user per month. Former G Suite customers will be offered a discount for 12 months.