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Google broke SMS on many Android phones and is currently rolling back changes

Google broke SMS on many Android phones and is currently rolling back changes

Expansion / Google’s messaging app. It’s broken now.


If text messages on your Android smartphone suddenly stop working, you’re not alone. Google pushed an unauthorized copy of the Carrier Services app, resulting in SMS corruption on many Android phones. The company also seems to roll back updates to fix the issue.

Carrier Services is a lesser-known Android system component that has appeared on the Play Store. 2017.. This highly privileged app with the package name “” is part of Android. IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)— A collection of 3GPP standards that connect mobile phones to cellular networks and typically deliver audio, video, and text. This includes Voice over LTE, Wi-Fi calling, and RCS, the latest alternative to SMS. Google typically uses this app to push new RCS features to users, but it can also be used to quickly distribute bugs to users in the event of a problem. With over 1 billion Play Store downloads as the default Android app, it has a huge reach.

Google has pushed version 50 of Carrier Services, and since then many users, including Samsung, OnePlus, LG, Motorola, and TCL customers, have reported problems sending and receiving SMS. Android police Users have been reported to have been automatically downgraded to Carrier Services v48, the previous working version of the app.

The easiest way to check your Carrier Services version is to open System Settings, press the search button in the upper right corner, type “Carrier Services”, and press the app information result for the Carrier Services app (multi next to it). There are colored puzzle pieces). If the settings search feature in your Android skin is broken (occurs) for some reason, the long way is to press “Apps & Notifications”, then “Show all up to 100 apps” and scroll to find Carrier Services. That is.When the app information screen is displayed, it is at the bottom[詳細設定]When you press, the version string is displayed at the bottom. If you’re using version 50 and have problems, uninstalling the app update (available from the three dot buttons in the upper right) is a temporary fix.

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