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Сервис Google Duplex на базе ИИ работает уже в 49 штатах США

Google Duplex powered by artificial intelligence runs in 49 US states.

More than 2 years after the tests began, the Google Duplex reservation service with artificial intelligence technology is now available in 49 US states. Apparently, the expansion of the service in the United States will stop there. Google says there is no information yet on a possible timing of the Duplex launch in the remaining state of Louisiana due to local laws.

Adapting to local regulations is one of the reasons Duplex has taken so long to roll out in the United States. According to Google, the company had to add certain features to the service (for example, offering a callback number for companies Duplex contacts) to make it legal in some states. In other cases, it was simply required to wait for the necessary legislative changes.

In all supported states, Duplex can perform redundancy on behalf of the user. For example, you can use it to reserve a table at a restaurant. The service can also call businesses to verify information such as opening hours.

Google Announced Duplex I / O 2018 as an optional feature of the Google Assistant. By design, Duplex uses artificial intelligence to call local businesses, book restaurants and hair salons on behalf of the user, and use a realistic-sounding artificial voice to communicate. Originally approximately 25% of calls made through Duplex were made by people… However, as of last October, according to Google, 99% of calls to the service are fully automated.

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