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Google Fi Launches "Telephone Subscription" Program for Pixel 4a

Google Fi Launches “Telephone Subscription” Program for Pixel 4a

After addition Samsung device In that online store, Google Fi is now launch Telephone subscription program.. The Pixel 4a is the first device available, saving buyers “$ 133 in two years”.

Google’s MVNO promotes this program as an alternative to the “time-consuming, complex and costly” process of “selecting and upgrading a new phone.”

For $ 15 a month, you’ll get Pixel 4a, device protection, and a two-year-old smartphone upgrade. Cellular plan (FiFlexible or Unlimited) is not included. Buyers can save $ 133 during that period and keep the Pixel 4a “at no additional cost”.

The device upgraded at the end of the two years will be the “new Pixel” because “you can continue to save money on your new smartphone every month”. Some options do not upgrade.

After 24 months of payment, you completely own your phone. At that point, stay in the program and decide whether to receive the next device in the subscription program as an upgrade. If you do not upgrade, your monthly payment will be reduced to device protection only.

The Fi program costs $ 360 compared to $ 493 if you purchase a $ 349 phone and a protection plan ($ 6 per month) separately.

Replacing the device is exempt, but covers cracks, spills, and other damage — “Repairing a cracked screen costs $ 49 and replacing a phone costs up to $ 99.” Google says the device Although he states that protection is optional, “if something happens to your mobile phone, you will be responsible for the cost of your subscription.”

The Pixel 4a is currently the only Made by Google smartphone available on Fi, as the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G have not yet been launched in the United States. It’s not clear if Google will extend this service or limit it to the most affordable phones.

The device I purchased must be activated with Fi within 30 days, but “I can return the call in the first 15 days.” Then you have to pay the full amount of the device. Google F iPhone Subscription Program Available today..

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