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Google launches operating system for computers


Google wants to compete with Microsoft and Apple: With Chrome OS Flex, the company now also offers a free operating system for all computers. Older computers in particular should benefit.

The American internet company Google announced yesterday its new Chrome OS Flex operating system. With Chrome OS, the company has offered its own operating system for several years, but this requires specially designed hardware, so-called Chromebooks.

With Chrome OS Flex, the company now offers one operating system for all computer systems. With yesterday’s announcement, the testing phase began at the same time, in which those interested can participate.

accessible to all

Chrome OS Flex focuses heavily on ease of use and broad accessibility. Since many tasks are outsourced to the cloud, ie the Internet, the operating system is also available on older and weaker computers.

Windows 11 in particular, which Microsoft released late last year, often pushes older computers to their performance limits. cannot be easily installed on them. Google takes a completely different approach here.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the main target group of the operating system, apart from users of older PCs, are companies and educational institutions that do not use state-of-the-art hardware. For this reason, Google also makes the operating system available free of charge.

Here’s how to try Chrome OS Flex

On its official website, the company is asking interested users to try the new operating system and provide feedback. Operation is very simple: all you need is an empty USB stick and a suitable computer.

Before finally deciding on the operating system, Chrome OS Flex can be tried out first; for this purpose, the operating system is simply booted from the USB stick. If you don’t like it, end the trial and continue using Windows or MacOS. Otherwise, users can load the operating system on the PC after the test and use it as the main operating system.

But: Google’s operating system is currently in an early testing phase and is continually being optimized. Therefore, a smooth process cannot be guaranteed. However, the company has already announced that it intends to offer a stable and definitive version of Chrome OS Flex in the coming months.

If you want to try the operating system now, you will find it on related page Instructions in English language and online registration required for the trial phase.

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