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Google Lens: Chrome browser integration is expanding: translate text, read it aloud and more


Google Assistant Eyes, google lens they were integrated into the Chrome browser a long time ago and offer the option to forward any image to the platform for evaluation. An update is now being implemented that significantly increases the range of features of the results page and can use the recognized text in images for additional purposes. As we know it from smartphones.

google lens logo

Google Lens can be used in two different ways in the Chrome browser, both of which arise in connection with Google image search. Either use the lens icon displayed in image search or use the entry in the context menu for each image. Both the way to get there and the results are different. An update to the Chrome version results page is now rolling out.

There it is now possible to use the recognized text on images. Previously this was only displayed and could be further processed, now another click is enough for many purposes. You can now copy the text directly to the clipboard, have the text passage or word read or directly into the Google translator forward it, where it will then be translated into the desired language. The last alternative is to use Google web search.

In the following screenshots you can see how it was implemented and where to look for it. The rollout may have started a long time ago, but the Lens integration in the Chrome browser shows up completely differently. It is quite possible that there will be more in the near future, because above all you want to spend multisearch integrate more deeply into web search.

google lens chrome 1

google lens chrome 2

google lens chrome 3

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