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Google Photos: Confidential Photos Can Be Hidden on iPhone

Google Photos: Confidential Photos Can Be Hidden on iPhone

The privacy of personal data represents a particularly hot topic, especially in the smartphone sector. An aspect that concerns many types of files, with special reference to photographs and videos. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that Google has decided to incorporate a function of Google photo which, to date, is a Pixel exclusive: the ability to hide sensitive photos, protecting them with a numeric PIN or biometric authentication.

The functionality in question creates an actual encrypted folder within Google Photos. The backup of the selected images to be placed in this folder. is automatically removed from the cloud, remaining in the physical memory of the smartphone (of the Pixel, at least for now). In this way, if a third user consults the library, they will not be able to view these sensitive photos.

“A safe home for life’s memories with world-class security and encryption used to protect the photos you back up or share,” Google specifies. Despite these security measures, the Mountain View company was forced last year to contact about 100,000 users to inform you that some of your private videos are being backed up on their servers they were accidentally sent to strangers due to a technical problem.

In any case, the functionality in question will also reach iPhones. The Google Photos app for iOS will receive an update that will introduce this particular type of folder. The time has not been disclosed, so we will continue to monitor the situation and update this article as soon as the update reaches users. We’ll see.

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