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Google Photos for Android is updated and there are two good news

Google Photos for Android is updated and there are two good news

Less and less missing to that fateful June 1, 2021, The day where Google Photos will stop offering unlimited free space to upload photos and videos. In the meantime, however, the Android version of the Photos app has been updated again and they are two new functions have been introduced:

  • Creating albums offline– With the latest version of Google Photos for Android it is now possible to select more content and create an album even in the absence of an Internet connection. This possibility, until now only available with the device connected to the network, is valid for both new and old albums. Changes made will be automatically synced with Google servers once connection, Wi-Fi or data is restored based on previously set saving preferences.
  • New documents section: a new Documents section has been inserted between the categories present in the Search section. It contains additional subcategories such as screenshots, documents, notes, menus, posters and more that help the user to refine and speed up the search even more.

Both novelties have been noticed in the last hours by the boys of Android Police, but it seems that its activation is not so widespread and depends exclusively from authorization via server. Therefore, we will probably have to wait to see them on our devices.

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