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Google photos

Google’s new storage policy goes into effect June 1. As of now, everything including photos and documents can only be stored up to 15GB. Google said last year that it would charge a fee if the limit was exceeded. It also announced tariff rates. Let’s see what to do by following the rules to avoid the rate drop in this context.

Valid from June 1 for free storage

  • There is no limit to preserving high resolution photos. This means that any number of high resolution photos can be uploaded within the specified time limit.
  • Google offers the ability to upload backup photos in both versions. Both are in the name of high quality and original quality. Google has the ability to lower the photo size limit beyond 16MB to that extent. High-quality photos within the 15 GB limit are not taken into account. This is a good time to turn Darimila’s original quality photos into high quality photos.
  • Nobody needs duplicate and blurry photos. It is better to get them out of there immediately. As well as screenshots taken at the moment if necessary. Better get rid of them too.
  • High-quality photos will also be considered after the policy is implemented. Therefore, all files that appear inappropriate should be removed from both Gmail and Google Drive.
  • If you have a lot of important files, it is a good idea to open another Gmail account. You can use it to backup photos. That way you can take care of the first account without stress. However, even in a new account, this feature is only available when the 15GB limit is not exceeded.
  • Recent phones will have a storage limit of 256GB and 512GB. You can send him some photos. Instead of relying on Google Photos, you can use it by keeping a few on your smartphone.
  • Apple iPhone users have access to the cloud. Photos can be saved in it. Purchasing an Apple One subscription also enables iCloud storage. If you pay a rent of Rs 75 per month, you will have a 50GB install.