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Google Pixel 5 “doubles” its graphic potential with this update

Google has started to release the Android Security April for your smartphones Pixel and seems to have made several improvements. Among them, the most recent devices will receive a performance increase.

Google says the update includes “performance optimizations for some graphics-intensive apps and games” in Pixel 5 me 4A 5G. As the XDA developers pointed out, some testers are noticing graphics performance GPU greatly improved on Pixel 5. The advice is to check the availability of the update and test the new improvements.

Google Pixel 5: the update is now available to download

In the past, tests had revealed that Google’s smartphone, the Pixel 5, was producing results. GPU worse than other smartphones that used the same chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. Now, it seems that the performance of the device in question has “doubled” compared to the initial data and is in line with smartphones that include the 765G chip.

Benchmarks, of course, don’t always translate into actual results. However, after Google’s reference to optimizations for graphics-intensive applications, it seems that GPU performance should be better with the new version of the software. You can download the new update and test the news yourself.

Additionally, Google says that the Pixel 5 and 4A 5G should receive “high-quality camera improvements” in some third-party apps. There is also a fix for a boot lock error on devices. Pixel 4 e 5as well as one for home network settings on devices Pixel 3 and 4.