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Google Pixel 5 users have reported a volume issue, but no clear fix is ​​found

Google Pixel 5 Front

credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

  • Google Pixel 5 reportedly has an unfixable volume issue.
  • Some users say that the volume drops randomly when watching a video.
  • Others have reported that the phone tends to get too big and the volume slider doesn’t work.

A few Google Pixel 5 The user has a problem with the volume of the phone.They are Reddit And Google official support forum I’m saying the Pixel 5’s volume control is messed up.

There seem to be two obvious problems with the phone. Some users have noticed that the volume keeps dropping randomly while the video is playing, while others are loud for notifications, screenshots, camera shutter buttons, other system sounds, etc. It reports that it is too big. The latter seems to be a more common problem, and adjusting the volume slider does not help solve the problem.

“I first noticed this when I tried to record a voice message on WhatsApp. When I touched and released the microphone, it made a very loud noise. I tried the same with the native messaging app that came with my phone. The sound isn’t too unpleasant, but it’s still very loud if you ignore the volume setting. Perhaps the most obvious example is the sound in the screenshot. These are loud and don’t care what you do with the volume slider. . ” writing Dissatisfied Pixel 5 user.

Apparently, the only way to turn down the phone volume is to set it to silent or vibration. As some have tried, resetting the device to factory settings has no effect.

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What does Google have to say?

Complaints about the Pixel 5’s volume issue surged last month or so. Users say they haven’t been successful with Google Support. However, a Google Community Specialist said in an official forum thread:

For each new Pixel smartphone, we strive to improve volume so customers don’t miss important calls and notifications. In Pixel, ringtone and notification settings are interrelated, so changing these volumes will affect both of these settings. Thank you for your feedback on these settings. We will work to improve it in future updates of Pixel 5.

The response is clearly lacking in that it doesn’t actually address the problem the user is facing.We hope that affected Pixel 5 users will be contacted by Google as they would on their smartphones. Screen gap problem..