The Google Play Store is one of the most important apps on any mobile phone. That’s why Google is constantly adjusting here and there.Last year, the Play Store Its biggest visual overhaul for a while, And this summer, the app will start rolling out New search filter And experiment [マイアプリ]Screen redesign.. In this latest test, Google has removed the hamburger menu from the Play Store.

When the three-line hamburger menu disappears, the options previously displayed in the side panel move to a floating window that you can access by simply tapping the avatar in the upper right corner. Here are shortcuts to app libraries, payments and subscriptions, settings, etc. in this experimental build.

Tap your account’s avatar to see what was previously hidden in the hamburger menu.

The hamburger menu was a popular choice a few years ago, but as the screen got bigger, many of the shortcuts that were once included moved to the bottom navigation bar and tabbed interface.Google has recently kept developers away from using hamburger menus, especially since then. Doesn’t work well with full gesture navigation Introduced in Android 10. If the Play Store actually adapts this UI in the future, It certainly won’t First google app Pivot for healthier menu options for your fingers.