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Google presents the locked folder to hide photos and snapshots Technology


A new option that comes to Google Photos is called Locked Folders, which does exactly what its name says: it hides your delicate photos, so that you do not accidentally fly while showing your family photos of your summer vacations …

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At the regular Google I / O conference in May 2021, this company Najavila locked folder and a few more options just for Pixel phones, but in a blog post that came out yesterday (Oct 29) it was announced that a new option for other Android phones and for iOS users is coming soon in early 2022.

For a select society

Locked Folder is an ideal location where you can put photos that not everyone wants to see. We all like to fool around, take photos while brushing our teeth or in poses that not all of us want to see, especially Donji Milanovac’s Aunt Jasmina, whom you see once a year when she rises to fame and always asks you to. you do. Show him pictures of the sea … Let’s not forget that colleague who, when making coffee, likes to walk slowly past her desk and accidentally look at her phone, pointing out, “You looked really good in that picture.” No, Milan, that is not right.

Google locked folder

Google locked folder
Source: SmartLife / Google Blog

In any case, this option is very useful, and it will be possible to unlock the folder with images and videos using biometric parameters or a code or PIN code.

Similar photos

In addition to the locked folder, Google Photos users can expect more new stuff that this company is testing. For example More Like This, an option that will allow users to find similar photos and videos, which can be very useful when searching for a particular photo, but may not be successful.

Google has already introduced the option to search for images through people, places, pets, locations, specific things that appear in the images (bus, bridge, sunset, forest …), so this will be a very useful complement, especially for those with large (disorganized) galleries. The More like this option will be implemented as a button that will appear when you select a photo, and we hope to see it very soon on all Android phones.

Locked folder
Izvor: YouTube / Made by Google

Attracting users

The fact that Google is improving its Photos service has probably been driven by the new terms of use, which are until recently it was free for an unlimited number of photos of somewhat more modest quality. We suppose that adding new options is a good way for Google to raise the value of one of the most popular services, which has been discontinued by many users since June. used the 15GB limit in your Google accounts.

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