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Google reinvents the chatbot with LaMDA and it's a bit scary

Google reinvents the chatbot with LaMDA and it’s a bit scary

Google introduced a new computer chat model, LaMDA, capable of impersonating a paper airplane

Google's LaMDA Discussion Platform

Google’s LaMDA discussion platform // Source: Google

This Tuesday, Google launched the 2021 edition of its Google I / O conference. At the opening of its convention, the firm unveiled a new feature that supposedly demonstrates advances in understanding oral text: LaMDA.

Acronym for “Language model for dialog applications”(Language model for dialogue applications), LaMDA is an open platform for other entities. The idea is to program chatbots pretending to be a company, an object, a person or another. During his lecture, Google illustrated the service with the help of two conversations, one with Pluto and the other with a paper airplane.

A conversation model that understands context

In this way, LaMDA will make it possible to offer third parties a voice chatbot service that is particularly effective in understanding and in the context of the conversation. “Unlike other language models, LaMDA was trained in dialogue. During his training, he discovered different nuances that distinguish conversations from other forms of language.»Specifies Google in a blog post.

For now, LaMDA is just an internal Google research project. However, it is easy to imagine an integration of your conversational capabilities within other services, such as Google Assistant.

For now, Google has yet to announce a business model for LaMDA. The signature specifies, however, that it will say more “early».

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