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Google shares a video about creating an Android origami mascot

Google shares a video about creating an Android origami mascot

Everyone is looking for indoor activities in the current situation, and Google offers it in the form of a video tutorial on how to make an origami Android mascot.

This morning’s Android Developers Twitter account celebrated the New Year by sharing Android Origami folding tutorials on YouTube.

When creating origami for the Android logo, hold the paper and fold it. Enjoy this fun craft created by software engineer Lisa Nguyen Quang Do and created by Seang Chau, Vice President of Engineering.

The video is over 11 minutes long and will eventually be a very complex copy of the Android mascot in the form of origami. Obviously it can’t turn up completely, but the seven sides are quite close together in an arc. The antennae are very noticeable, with layers appearing behind some depth, but the most detailed are the eyes that use the underside of the green paper.

In addition to the video on how to fold origami PDF description Mercifully available for Android mascots. Literally, there are 30 steps, each with a corresponding description and diagram. There is also a handy legend at the top that explains the various crease and pinch concepts.

It’s certainly not for the timid — try a simpler piece first, but the end result is great and comparable to other plastic figurines.

Android details:

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