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Google should condemn the Israeli attacks on Palestine; Jewish Google Employees Send Letter to Sundar Pichai


Google should condemn the Israeli attacks on Palestine; Jewish Google Employees Send Letter to Sundar Pichai

Washington: Jewish workers urge Google to support Palestine. More than 200 Google employees have asked Google to register a protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza.

Members of an organization known as the Jewish Diaspora in Technology have asked Google to help Palestine. The Jewish group demanded that Google be prepared to assist relief efforts in Palestine, which is undergoing military aggression.

They added that relief work in Palestine should be similar to what Google is doing in Israel. They made the request in a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and the company’s executive board.

“Google should issue a statement condemning the attacks in Palestine and Israel. The statement added that the statement added that the Israeli army and other militant groups were attacking the Palestinians.

The current attacks have killed Israeli and Palestinian civilians and injured many more. But they added that it was not possible to pretend that they did not see the horrible attacks on the Palestinians.

They said in the letter that Israel and the Jews should not be viewed as one and that being anti-Zionist does not mean anti-Semitic.

Meanwhile, Israeli aggression in Gaza continues. So far, 219 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes since May 10. Of these, 63 are children. Approximately 1,500 people have been injured. Twelve Israelis were killed in a Hamas attack. More than 300 people were injured.

For more than a month, Palestinians have been protesting in the region against Israeli movements to evict Arabs and Muslims from Sheikh Zarah in East Jerusalem.

Israel launched airstrikes in Gaza on May 7, just after Israeli forces attacked Masjid al-Aqsa and Hamas came out against them.

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Featured Content: Jewish Google Employees Calling For The Company To Support Palestinians Amid Israeli Bombing Of Gaza

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