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Stadia Direct Touch

Google Stadia presents the new controls in iOS

Based on what you’ve learned, it appears that Google Stadia is introducing its controls “Direct touch”Also on iOS and iPadOS devices.

Google Stadia: How do the Direct Touch controls work?

Earlier this year, Stadia introduced a new method for playing cloud games on Android thanks to in-game touchscreen pressures. Now this “Direct Touch” control scheme is coming to the iOS app of Google’s game streaming service.

Debuting with the launch of Sega’s HUMANKIND, a 4X game that rivals the Civilization series, Stadia’s “direct touch” enables controls similar to mobile games.

The feature makes a lot of sense in the context of HUMANKIND, as mobile gamers would normally use a controller that would be slow and clunky for a 4X game. In this title, Direct Touch can distinguish between one-, two-, and three-finger presses and other gestures.

Although at first the function seems obvious, actually it’s quite complicated as Stadia needs to accurately map screen touches versus touches in the same areas of the cloud server game. Do you think that with many phones it is not possible to play Stadia titles on a 1080p screen perfectly?

When it launched, the direct touch was only available through the Android Stadia app, but the company had promised to bring it to iOS to make HUMANKIND more playable on more terminals. To that end, on the Stadia Community Blog, Google announced that gamers can now use the aforementioned functionality through the Stadia iOS app (web).

How do you do it?

To get started, simply launch a Stadia-compatible game on your iPhone or iPad without a controller attached and the app will offer the option “Enable direct touch“For now, the feature is limited to HUMANKIND, but it should only be a matter of time before it hits other titles as well.

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