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Google tests smart displays that activate without a wake word

Google tests smart displays that activate without a wake word

New features that are internally tested by Google eliminate the need to say “Hey Google” before issuing commands to the NestHub smart display. Android Central Report.. Instead, the codenamed “Blue Steel” feature allows the device to simply detect your presence and proactively listen to commands without having to hear the wake word first.

This feature was demonstrated in a video posted on YouTube by JanBoromeusz. Android Central Notes like previously leaked features Nest Hub’s new dark mode Before its official announcement. In the video, you can see Boromeus asking for a lot of information, but never say the word “Hey Google” at all. His Nest Hub Max smart display is reported to be running leaked internal firmware for testing within Google, and it’s unclear if the company plans to expose its features.

I guess Nest Hub Max Existing ultrasonic sensing To sense the existence of a person and start listening. At the moment, smart displays only use this to adjust the information they display. However, in the future, this same technology may allow you to listen for voice commands when you know you are nearby. Ars Technica Infer It can also be used Face match function of the camera To better understand who is speaking. Boromeusz shows the option to turn Blue Steel on and off in the smart display settings menu.

Privacy concerns can arise when Blue Steel is open to the public. An important element of today’s smart speakers and displays is to pay attention to what you say only after listening to the wake word. Relying solely on proximity detection increases the risk that your device will hear something unexpected at the expense of privacy.

That said, “Blue Steel” will be useful. option Some features. It’s painful to have to repeatedly say “Hey Google” or “OK ​​Google” before every voice command, which can make access to the information you need much faster.