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Google unlocks missile warning for Android phones in Ukraine

Google unlocks missile warning for Android phones in Ukraine

Android users in Ukraine can now receive airstrike warnings on their smartphones. Google has developed a corresponding function in cooperation with the local government.

Android smartphone users in Ukraine will receive air strike warnings on their phones. Google announced this in a blog post. previously had the development platform XDA Developers found a corresponding entry in the code of the Google Play services program.

Google writes: “At the request and with the help of the Ukrainian government, we have started to introduce a rapid airstrike alert system for Android phones in Ukraine.” The function complements the existing alert system in the country and is based on reports transmitted by the Ukrainian government.

In the next few days for all Ukrainian Android users

The system takes advantage of an existing feature developed for earthquake warning, Announces Google VP of Engineering for Android via Twitter. In the next few days, the feature should be available to all Android users in Ukraine, he writes.

Previously, Google had the Department It promoted “Ukraine Alarm” on its Google Play Store, which sends air strike alerts to Ukrainians. The current alarm system, on the other hand, does not have to be downloaded from the Play Store. This is because Google Play services are pre-installed on almost all Android smartphones because they are an integral part of the operating system.

Free Google services are still available in Russia

Google writes in its blog post that it continues to work on restrictions for “Russian state-funded media” on its platform. In Europe, the company also wants to remove media apps beyond RT and Sputnik from the Google Play Store.

After last week’s announcement that it wanted to pause Google ads in Russia, the group stopped most of its “business activities in Russia,” he said. This includes ads on Google websites, new cloud signups, and monetization features for content creators on YouTube in Russia.

However, free applications such as search, the email service Gmail and YouTube continued to work in Russia.