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Google wants to make digital wallets and keys for Android smartphones

Google wants to make digital wallets and keys for Android smartphones

Android Ready SE Alliance is the name of a new consortium, founded by Google, that wants to make smartphones increasingly central in our lives, even in the most delicate and important aspects, which require maximum security. The consortium aims to transform our devices into passports, identity cards, driving licenses, house and car keys, wallets and much more, and do so following a common standard, which is therefore easy to adopt and implement.

It is certainly not a last-minute interest for Google: the giant has been working on the development of its foundations for some time, for example implementing, since 2018, the Titan M security chip in your Pixel smartphones. These chips are very resistant to manipulation, and thanks to the software function called StrongBox they allow you to save crucial information in a memory space that is practically inaccessible without authorization (it is understood that no system is inviolable: it is only a matter of time and resources).

Specifically, Android Ready SE Alliance brings together all manufacturers that develop, produce and distribute Secure Elements (precisely SE) such as the Titan M chip to increase awareness of the solution and accelerate its adoption. Google says that There are already several Android smartphone manufacturers ready to join the initiative and take advantage of this announcement to make your StrongBox available to all OEMs.

It has been clear for some time that technologies are converging towards this scenario: Apple is doing the same, in fact, thanks to much tighter control of your hardware ecosystem it can be said that it is even slightly ahead, since It has long been possible to use an iPhone as your car key. Samsung has also announced progress in recent days – the hope is that the offering doesn’t get too fragmented and confusing.

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