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Google's Stadia controller now supports USB-C headsets and headphones

Google’s Stadia controller now supports USB-C headsets and headphones

Became Google’s Stadia controller Supports USB-C audio devices When playing with Chromecast Or via a web browser. Just plug in a set of wired USB-C earphones like, so you can easily add headphones and a microphone. Google’s Pixel USB-C earphones, Gaming headset, Asus ROG Delta, Or wireless SteelSeries Bears 1 Gaming headset with wireless USB-C adapter (works, but redditu rms.. )

It’s great that the Stadia player has other audio options besides the built-in 3.5mm jack. It’s cool and unusual for game controllers to offer USB-C audio, but it’s still been almost a year since Google promised to add it. The feature was coming..

Previously, you could only use the controller’s USB-C port to charge the controller, or use a USB-C cable to connect to your smartphone or computer.In fact, for a long time after its launch, only How to use it in phone Or computer — Google has sold a $ 69 wireless controller that isn’t wireless unless you’re playing on a Chromecast Ultra. Approximately seven months after launch, Google added phone and web support with May and June updates, respectively.Also, it took a month from the release to the release by Google. $ 15 “Claw” Mount This allows you to connect your Stadia controller to your mobile phone and play Stadia games on the go.

Google also Bluetooth audio will come It will be sent to the controller, but we still don’t know when the option will actually arrive. At least with Google’s new Chromecast, the company is giving it time to keep its promise. Google says it won’t support Stadia until the first half of next year.