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Gordon Murray T50 supercar gets truck-only S version


Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) Recently revealed T50 supercar..

Only 25 truck-specific examples with codename T50 have been created, each with major revisions, promised to be 890 kg, which is even lighter than the road version.

Each example costs £3.1 million, excluding tax. This is a significant tax increase in addition to £2.36 million for road vehicles. More than half of the production was already explained before the public presence of the car was revealed.

Developed by Cosworth to power the T50, the naturally aspirated V12 engine has been redesigned with an improved cylinder head, higher compression ratio, and an all-new free-flow exhaust system that exceeds 700bhp. According to Murray himself, this is only possible with truck cars and there is no need to deal with noise and exhaust gas regulations. The new bespoke 6-speed transmission has a new drive ratio, replacing the road car’s manual gear stick with a paddle shifter.

Significant upgrades to the car’s aerodynamics combine the road-facing T50’s signature rear-mounted fans with the new 1758mm wide rear wing, new front splitters, underbody airfoils, and adjustable diffuser. Combining these changes, the T50 can generate over 1500kg of downforce. Aerofins attached to the new roof also help increase cornering stability and can produce 2.5-3g under braking.

Unlike road cars with multiple aerodynamic modes, the T50 always operates in high-down force mode, the diffuser duct is fully open and the fan runs permanently at 7000 rpm.

The ride height has been lowered 40mm back and forth, the oil cooling system has been repositioned to improve airflow to the rear wing, and new brake ducts have been added to help with temperature management. Forged magnesium wheels significantly reduce the unsprung mass of the car, but Murray’s claim that supercars do not require bespoke tires puts the T50 in the Michelin Cup Sport 2.

By stripping off the interior, the air conditioner, infotainment, storage and muffling were all removed, saving 94kg compared to a road car. The street display has also been removed and performance-focused information has been moved to the F1-style rectangular steering wheel.

The centrally located driver’s seat has been replaced with a carbon fiber racing bucket and a 6-point racing harness, but one of the two passenger seats has been removed under the name of lightness.

“With an unwavering focus on performance, we will be able to achieve incredible performance on trucks and maximize the capabilities of our vehicles without the need for road regulations and maintenance,” he said. Stated. A car that goes beyond the level of what was previously done. It is a celebration of British engineering and our team’s extensive motorsport experience. “

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