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Grab your ass and SimBus is here

Grab your ass and SimBus is here

It ’s a trailer that has just been announced. SimBus From Polish developer SimRail SA and publisher PlayWay, who previously published the following games: House flipper, Car mechanic simulatorAnd, uh, Desire for darkness??

With features such as vehicle customization, realistic cities based on geodetic data, day / night cycles, real-time weather, and “real bus physics and sound”, SimBus looks like a typical Central European simulation game. .. Then there’s a bit on the trailer where the player suddenly lives in the passengers and interacts with fellow commuters. The four options for this bass effects dialog wheel are TALK, FIGHT, CALL POLICE, and ASK HIM / HEROUT. Will the bottle be thrown if the player chooses the latter option? Even before reaching multiplayer, this may be a more chaotic game than it looks.

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