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Contura CEO Shashank Potturu is a young entrepreneur who believes that great opportunities await the country’s youth in the field of education after the epidemic. He believes that opportunities will result especially in the field of technology. Shashank Potturu runs his improvement business with complete optimism and a clear mind. The education sector needs a lot of talented people. You can also get a higher salary. Furthermore, he realizes that the way students are being employed based on their abilities is growing rapidly. He says the emphasis is on ability, not on the candidate’s academic background. Contura Online is an organization that helps develop such skills.

As a co-founder of Contura, Shashank Potturu says that he makes many strategic decisions for the company, including digital internships. In this way, students who have been trained in the field of education can become better job seekers. The team he leads has thirty members. They are all trying to prepare graduates for work. The country has many job opportunities for students. But he says job seekers need to be able to adapt to them. Internships and coding contests are used to select new employees. Therefore, students must also develop the skills to seize the opportunity.

Shashank Potturu notes that jobs that were previously only available to top-tier college graduates are now available to everyone. Now all companies are analyzing whether the applicant has the skills they want. He also notes that this has led to more democracy in the workplace. The Common Employment Test in the country focuses on internships / apprenticeships. As this is in line with the new national education policy, the ability to get a job based on ability will become more popular.

The face of the education and employment sectors is changing. Shashank Potturu will talk about what students need to pay attention to to reach new workplaces.

Shashank Potturu Contura is shaping up in line with the skills gained at IIIT Hyderabad and IIM-Kolkata. Speak on the ‘Online and Vision Improvement Challenges Beyond 2021’ panel discussion at TechSpectations as a student and as a person who is closely watching changes in the field of education. Contura Online Shashank Potturu was founded in 2008. Since then, his company has been able to provide a good foundation for thousands of students to work with.

Students need a few more skills to capitalize on new opportunities. Companies like Contura Online are trying to make them grow. Candidates must develop soft skills along with basic skills. You say that businesses in your area, including your company, care about everything. Seeks to develop modern skills in job seekers.

Shashank Potturum at Manorama Online Expectations Educate

The CEO of Contract Online, Shashank Pottur, also participates in Manorama Online TechSpectations Educate 2021. On October 23 the fourth part of the National Digital Sangam organized by Manorama Online will be held, which has given a digital face to the reading habits of Malaysians .

The fourth edition of the Manorama Online Expectations Educate Digital Meeting will take place in the context of the global economy’s struggle to recover from the collapse created by Kovid and return to the path of growth.

Tech experts and other luminaries from other fields will attend the summit. The fourth edition of ‘Expectations Educate’ is a gathering of technology influencers, leaders of leading brands, people who share business experiences and startups.

Jane online He is the main participant of the summit. For more information on expectations https://educate.techspectations.com Visit.

Summary in English: Sasank Potturu- CEO Conduira, Techspectations Educate 2021

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