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Green Bay Packers want to “kick the door” back to the Super Bowl


Corey Lindsley of the Green Bay Packers Center is his seventh NFL season. He is also preparing to play in his fourth NFC Championship Game.

But unfortunately for Lindsley and Packers, Green Bay has been 0-3 in conference title games since arriving in 2014. Packers (14-3) want to change it when hosting either New Orleans (13-4) or Tampa Bay. (12-5) January 24th.

After the Packers defeated the Los Angeles Rams 32-18, Lindsley said in a split playoff on Saturday night that “the level of urgency is definitely rising, the desire and everything is growing.” “It wasn’t before, but it’s a big problem for all of us.”

When Green Bay scored 45, there were only two current packers (quarterback Aaron Rodgers and kicker Mason Crosby).th 2010 Super Bowl XLIV. Green Bay has reached four NFC Championship games since its memorable 2010 season, but has not yet returned to the Super Bowl at this time.

The results of these NFC Championship games are as follows:

• 2014— Seattle defeated Green Bay 28-22 in overtime. The Packers led 16-0 and 19-7 in half-time, releasing the stretch with just three minutes left.


• 2016— Atlanta routed Green Bay, 44-21. The Falcons built a 31-0 third quarter lead and were not challenged.

• 2019— San Francisco whipped Green Bay 37-20. The Forty-niners led 27-0 in half-time and were not exposed to serious threats.

With the exception of Rogers and Crosby, who have the Super Bowl Ring, there are many packers who have played in multiple NFC title games that are ultimately trying to get over the hump.

Lindsley, star wide receiver Davante Adams, aggressive lineman David Buff Tiari and Lane Taylor are all 0-3 in the NFC title game. Buff Tiari is currently on the injured list, but Taylor has joined the IR at the end of the last two seasons.

While in Green Bay, Defensive Harness Kenny Clarke, Defensive End Dean Lowry, and aggressive lineman Lucas Patrick are 0-2 in the NFC title game.

For players who have missed one match in the Super Bowl many times, they can’t wait to get the next shot

“I was telling all the teammates there, we have to open the door to this,” Clark said. “This is my third. The guy doesn’t even reach one. This is the third NFC championship I’m going to. You have to lock in, kick the door, get over that hump and get in there. There is. It starts with our preparation and weekday preparations for practice and watching movies. We need to provide everything we got on Game Day.

“We’ve been there before. I know I’ve been there many times. I know emotions and everything. I’ve experienced it. Many People haven’t had a lot of chances to go to the three NFC Championships. Hopefully this third one is attractive. ”

That may be true.

Green Bay is the road team for the last four NFC Championship games. The Packers defeated Chicago 21-14 in 2010 and lost their last three tournament titles.

However, Green Bay had the best record at the conference and will be home to this year’s NFC Championship. The Packers have undoubtedly fed up their home crowd that beat Rams, and want to do the same in the conference title game.

“The number of fans at the stands has definitely added a whole new level of energy,” said Packers coach Matt LaFleur about about 9,000 fans at Lambeau Field on Saturday. “I’m glad I came back with everyone at the stand. I hope more people can join here next week.”

Green Bay hosted only three conference championship games during the Super Bowl era.

The Packers defeated Dallas 21-17 in 1967 in the game best known as the “Ice Bowl.” Green Bay whipped Carolina 30-13 in 1996 and appeared in the Super Bowl for the first time in 29 years. And the New York Giants defeated Green Bay 23-20 in overtime in Brett Favre’s final packer match.

Currently, Green Bay is hosting the NFC title game for the first time in 13 years. And for packers who have experienced broken hearts in multiple conference title games and haven’t reached the Super Bowl yet, they can’t wait.

“As I said millions of times at this point, you’re coming to Rambo and playing another brand of football,” Adams said. “It takes you out of your element about how you talk and how you play. You rattle, guys. Communication is difficult. Today the fans gathered there, so they rocked it. It was just about coming out and playing packer football because everything was on our side. We do it and no one can stop us. ”

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