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Gris (2018, Multi) Video Game Music Review

Gris (2018, Multi) Video Game Music Review

Welcome to Morning Music, KotakuA daily hangout for those who love video games and the cool ass sounds they make.Let’s start slowly with the soundtrack from today gray, Nomada Studio’s airy meditative platformer.

Maybe you’ve heard it play gray It’s like playing poetry, pictures, or a really really cute platformer. They are all true —gray There are many layers, And that’s the game I need to play, but I’d like to add another gray It’s like playing a multi-sensory puzzle, which is primarily the result of soundscapes.

Composition Berlin, Barcelona-based experimental group, gray soundtrack(YouTube / Long play / VGMdb) As a 79-minute arrangement, it’s best to enjoy tip-to-tail.

How the strings swell like a tide, how to enjoy the space as quiet moments as big ones, how motifs and melodies come back over and over again-it’s all a single design link. Like a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle tied to an auditory package. Also, it does not exist in vacuum. At one of the early levels, you will traverse the desert as you navigate through sandstorms. truck”PerseveranceWill be played in the background. When the organ hits the crescendo, a sandstorm occurs, but it disappears like music. It’s transcendental. gray It’s packed with moments when music synchronizes with gameplay in amazing ways.

Still, the intertwined nature of gray‘The soundtrack does not prevent individual tracks from becoming independent. Listen “Windmill, “For example:

Devolver Digital / Video Games & Cinematic Soundtrack Archive (YouTube)

It’s all quiet keys and soft tones. This is a type of singing in the background to read, draw, study, meditate, do yoga, or consume mind-changing substances, looking out the window and pondering being. It is a song of. (The last one appeals for the fifth.) “Black waterIs also the only Tour de Force.

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Devolver Digital / Video Games & Cinematic Soundtrack Archive (YouTube)

As you know, “crows” are not as cold as “windmills”. Everything is an emergency layered staccato note, not muted strings or keys.Of all the songs above gray‘The soundtrack, “Crow”, stands out. For example, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear: Mission Impossible Movies (or other, less action flicks). You can still hear the whisps of the rest of the soundtrack. The whole song (1:15For example), an organ similar to “patience” rises. Like the instruments, the timbral similarities with the rest of the album are unmistakable. The “crow” works on its own, but it also fits the rest of the OST.

And there are two parts.Gris Pt. 1“When”Gris Pt. 2.. Both songs fit snugly into the albums near the beginning and end, respectively, and are nice songs with their respective strengths, with unforgettable melodies and meticulous instruments. But to get it back, they work even better when they hear one after another. “Pt.” 1 “is” Pt. 2. “In the second part, you hear a decomposed version of the string melody from the beginning, then Bam, The noise section launches and some seriously confident symbols crash.Like the best part of gray As such, listening to these songs playing in tandem makes you feel like you’re seeing the two puzzle pieces completely locked.

That’s all for today’s morning music. Which one comes to mind when you think of a video game soundtrack that works best as one long arrangement? What about the perfect match with the games they appear in?Did you wait and play again? gray?? Game rules — and short enough to work on the afternoon. What are you waiting forI go to play gray!! See you tomorrow! (((AAfter you hit gray.. )

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