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Gritty Action Eldest Souls released for PC and console games in Q2 2021

Gritty Action Eldest Souls released for PC and console games in Q2 2021

Do you like spiritual games? If the answer is yes and it doesn’t have pixelated graphics, we’ve got you covered – it’s called Eldest Souls and it’s coming in a few months. Eldest Souls has already been announced for PC and Nintendo Switch, and has just been confirmed for current and previous consoles.

Along with this announcement, developer Fallen Flag Studio revealed that Eldest Souls will be released in the second quarter of 2021. Eldest Souls has been described as a “fast and powerful action game”, combining elements of ingenuity and classic action games with courage and beauty. in pixel art style.

Over the last year, we have worked hard to make Eldest Souls the best it can be. Post trailers and demos during steam The Games Festival has enlightened us and we are more excited to be able to offer this experience to more players. We can’t wait to see Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players challenge the old gods.Said Francesco Barsotti, co-founder and programmer of Fallen Flag Studio.

In Eldest Souls, you will have to fight and kill ancient gods who have freed themselves from their long prison. It has nothing to do with Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight archive, but the old gods are supposed to unleash a “great ruin”, which you will have to stop.

When players can kill a god, they gain unique powers and abilities. Most importantly, players need to build and customize their players, allowing them to tailor their playstyle against each god.

In fact, the developers promise a unique character progression system, as well as a host of powers and abilities that can be combined to create hundreds of unique builds.

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Those who enjoy the gripping story, and not just the great gameplay, will be happy to know that Eldest Souls takes place in an ancient castle, which was also the prison of the ancient gods. During the game, you will meet an interesting non-playable character, who will take on exciting missions and reveal dark puzzles. We’ll see more about this, so keep going.